Wednesday, January 12, 2011

About Me

Hi there! I'm Billie. I'm 31 years old, ugh almost 32, but in all actuality I'm likely closer to 15 or so (at least that's how I act most of the time). There are some body parts that are starting to act their age. I'm highly opinionated and apparantly smart(ass), but entirely too lazy for my own good. I work full time at a casino. I love cooking, but especially baking as my chubby cheeks can attest. I love games, any kind from video to board to made-up. I love sweepstakes and giveaways, though working on my blog is seriously cutting down on my time for that, but I'm having fun with it. I'm hard at work on my blog, researching and hope to do reviews and giveaways.

I'm married to a sarcastic foul-mouthed sweetheart, Richard. He avoids my camera like the plague and every time I attempt to snap a picture he growls and breathes fire. I'll try to capture one snap to post on here, but no promises.

I'm step step-mom to an insane 14 year old, Jake. On a daily basis we run the full spectrum of a love hate relationship. Sometimes I'm the cooliest of the cool and sometimes I'm the most hideous of all the step mothers to ever walk the planet.

I'm mom to four furbabies. I love them all dearly.
My Brutus (Boo, Boo Boo Love, Pretty Pants) and I have been together for eight years. My ex boyfriend picked him up for me from a farm. He has a high meow and loves to be near me. He often stands on my keyboard until I give him attention. My birthday is March 15. The Ides of March. Et tu, Brute?

Roman (Roro) is seven years old. If he were a person, I imagine him to be much like a surfer who just likes to catch waves and chill in the sun. Roman is very laid back. On occasion he howls and I think it's his song to the lovely females he's visited on the few times he's bolted out the door before we could catch him.

 Little Man (Littles, Little Bear) is two and a half years old. He was born at our neighbor's house to a stray cat and his mother kept leaving him alone. We left food out for him several times, but had no plans to have a third cat. One day, Jake walked in with the ball of fur in his arms and I was hooked. The neighbor had named him Pumpkin, but we called him Little Terrorist because he would chase the other two cats. It eventually morphed into Little Man and stuck.

This is Asia. My insane, eat anything except grapes, marshmallows, and peppers, non-stop energy, bark at anything, knock you over and lick your face, chocolate lab. She's five years old and still acts like a puppy. She requires constant attention, which we are happy to give. When she tires herself out, she snores louder than Richard. She can clear a room with her dog farts and is the strongest dog. I've yet to find a toy she can keep longer than a few months.

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