Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reel Reviews

I recently received a good piece of advice. Review what you know. Well I know movies. We watch movies. A lot of movies. Our local video store knows us all by name and most of the employees can recognize our voices on the phone (this is also true at the game stores, but that's a whole other post). New movies come out on dvd on Tuesdays and we generally rent them that day. I'll watch most any movie, but it takes a lot to keep my interest. I'll post my honest reviews on the movies that I watch. Feel free to leave a comment if you agree/disagree.

This week Richard (the husband) and I watched The Other Guys released on dvd December 14, 2010. I remember seeing previews for this one and knew I wanted to see it. I like Mark Wahlberg, he's come a long way from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. I do like Will Ferrell as well, though his movies are 50/50 for me. I either really like it or the humor misses me entirely.

Wahlberg and Ferrill both play paper pusher desk cops that are stuck in the shadows of superstar cops, played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Wahlberg is unhappy with his job, but Ferrill is perfectly happy to continue working on constuctrion permit violations and this leads to tension, albeit funny tension, between the two. They eventually come to somewhat of an agreement to chase after a bigger case.

The movie started off pretty funny, there were several one-liners that had Richard and I both laughing and it takes a lot for him to laugh. Further into the movie, however, the plot started getting muddled and I watched it a little confused and mostly bored. It seemed to jump from scene to scene with little connecting them and the comedy got dull and infrequent.

Billie Says = I'd watch it again if there was little else on. Michael Keaton was in it and showing his age.
Richard Says = Lame sauce.

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  1. OH man, I really want to see this one. I was hoping it was going to be super funny. Will Ferrell is one of my favs. "Lame sauce" that is too funny!