Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogging Opportunities

Seeing as I'm a very new blogger, I've been scouring the interwebs for tips and advice on how tos and what fors. I've been picking the brains of any blogging that gets within my reach (so to speak). By the way, if you're brain is willing to be picked...do speak up! Anywho, one of the places I was directed to on the start of my review/giveaway journey is Business 2 Blogger.

Apparantly this is in the top 10 list of where to start looking for products to review, so I thought what the hey, give it a shot. They boast that they are 100% free, however there are two ways to sign up. One is a basic signup, fill in the form and off you go. The second is a preferred signup, where you do a little promoting by placing a banner or button on your blog or in a post and you get a little extra to your signup.

Since I need all the help I can get, I've decided to add a button to this post and signup. I'll be sure to keep you updated on what happens next.

Business 2 Blogger

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